2014 EurAdopt Conference, Stockholm, April 23-24


The 2014 EurAdopt Conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in the period April 23-24, 2014. The conference was attended by delegates from over 20 countries - representatives of both accredited adoption organizations and Central Authorities, including the Bulgarian Central Adoption Authority, the Ministry of Justice. One of Family National Association's psychologists - Ms. Miglena Angelova - also attended the conference, whose main focus was "Adoption for the Right Reasons: an option for permanency". During the conference presentations were given by adoption and law specialists, consultants and practitioners as well as representatives of adoption Central Authorities from over 10 different countries. Valuable information regarding adoption practices, latest developments and  practical experience in different countries was exchanged, including a variety of topics, among which the interpretation of the best interest of the child, the Hague Convention implementation, ethics in adoption, foster care practices, health and social adjustment of international adoptees, post adoption services and support, etc.