New rules in Bulgaria

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The case from this summer related to two children adopted from Bulgaria who were found to be abused by their US adoptive parent caused extremely turbulent reactions in Bulgaria and motivated the Ministry of Justice to introduce new measures in the adoption program for children with special needs. Following a meeting between the Bulgarian central authority and the accredited organizations, as well as a consultation with the US Department of State, the Minister of Justice issued an order for a change in the regulations for work during the procedures for the adoption of children for whom special measures have been undertaken. The order introduces a requirement for the submission of additional documents - Crisis Intervention Plan for an adoptive child and Declaration by the adoptive parents for giving consent for contact with the Bulgarian NGO during the post-adoption monitoring. These additional documents are mandatory in all adoption procedures of waiting children and recommended in adoption procedures through traditional referral (especially of children at the age of 7 and over and/or with specifics in the health condition and development).