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For the purpose of Family National Association’s website running smoothly and you having a pleasant user experience, we use cookies.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that websites place on the computers and mobile devices of people who visit those websites. The function of these small files is to gather data about the website usage by users. This is for the purpose of the website becoming more recognizable and its functionality and work improving. The specific user who has visited the website cannot be personally identified through this type of recognition. Information gathered by cookies most often contains:


  • address of the internet protocol (IP) for the device the user is accessing the website through;
  • type of device the user is accessing the website through (computer, mobile device/smartphone, tablet, etc.);
  • type of operating system (OS) (Windows, iOS, Android, etc.);
  • type of browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.)
  • actions undertaken by users – visited pages, frequency of website visits;
  • duration of stay on a given page, etc.


The types of cookies we use are essential and analytical.


Essential cookies – necessary for the proper functioning of the website. For instance, we can show you the information on our website in your language, thanks to these cookies. You can also contact us via the contact form; we determine the authenticity of our users, etc.


Analytical cookies – third-party cookies.


Google Analytics cookies


We use this type of cookies to track the attendance on our website. Thanks to these cookies we can analyze how difficult it is for our users to navigate through our website, as well as determine how many visits we get daily. These cookies do not provide us with general information about all visitors but do not reveal your personal data. The maximum period for keeping analytic data in Google Analytics is 50 months.


Performance and functionality cookies.


These cookies are not strictly necessary but they allow us to personalize your online experience on our web pages. We may use these cookies to:


  • remember your preferences;
  • gather information about how our users use our services so we can improve our website and services, as well as perform research (i.e. information about popular pages, likes on a particular article, last visited page);


Session cookies:


We may use session cookies to:


  • allow you to navigate between separate pages on our website without needing to log on. This practice is known as single sign-on;
  • recognize you when you return to our website to use our services.


How do we use cookies?


We use information from cookies to make our web pages more pleasant and user friendly.


Third-party cookies.


We use third-party cookies as a part of our services. These cookies are managed by the respective website and are not under our control. Below you can see which third-party cookies we use. Some of them can be disabled from the general settings tab on your browser.


Google Analytics – Used for the generation of statistics about traffic on our website and sources of traffic on our website. See here how you can disable this.