Who we are

Family National Association is a non-profit organization, which facilitates intercountry adoptions of Bulgarian children. We are accredited by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria. Our organization was founded in 2003 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and our activities have been developing and expanding ever since. We perform intermediary services for candidate-adoptive parents from Australia, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Cyprus, Malta, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Portugal, the USA, Finland and Sweden. All of our specialists are well-trained and experienced in working in the field of intercountry adoptions. Our team includes lawyers, psychologists and physicians among many others.

The procedure of intercountry adoption from the Republic of Bulgaria is governed by the legislative provisions, stipulated in the Family Code of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Family National Association performs their activity as per License for intermediary activity No.180/05.05.2020, while observing the legislative provisions as well as the ethical principles and rules of conduct, which have been accepted and validated by the Management board of the association and which are mandatory for the members and employees of FNA, in performing intermediary services in intercountry adoptions.


A few words from the Head

Dear All,

At “Family” National Association, we are firmly committed to providing the most efficient and yet caring service for all candidate adopters and partner organizations, who have chosen to place their trust in our hands. I thank all involved in this most noble and charitable pursuit of finding loving families for Bulgaria’s abandoned children.

At our association, the emotionally challenging nature of the adoption process is fully appreciated and we approach candidates in an utmost personal and supportive manner. Our specialists are qualified and highly experienced but more importantly, always ready to give encouragement, reassurance or just a helping hand. Here, all your questions will be answered promptly, and accurate up-to-date and truthful information will be given to the best of our abilities. For us, every candidate and child is unique and special, thus our efforts are always directed to making the adoption process as easy, enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

We ultimately strive to consistently display professionalism in our work and build stable and candid relationships with both Bulgarian and foreign institutions involved. Keeping up the spirit of understanding and cooperation with all our partner organizations is also a top priority for us, for it is crucial in our quest of maintaining the excellent results and parents` feedback we have enjoyed for many years.

We are determined to continue helping children in need both via the process of adoption and through donations to orphanages. The staff at “Family” including myself has a never-ending passion for what we do, driving us to overcome difficulties at all costs. In the future, we hope to advance further in our gratifying vocation and fulfill our ambition to leave no deprived or abandoned child behind.

I have faith that we will continue to enjoy the support and dedication of all our partners and will work hard together to give Bulgarian abandoned children the opportunity of having the affection and warmth that every child deserves.


Angela Krasteva,