Meeting with the Ministry of Justice

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Meeting with the Ministry of Justice


A meeting was held today between the Ministry of Justice and the accredited organizations. At the meeting we marked the 20th anniversary from the ratification of the Hague Convention in Bulgaria and discussed our work during this period. The summarized statistics show that in this period a total of 8043 children and 8630 adoptive parents' applications have been inscribed in the registers of intercountry adoptions. In this time the Intercountry Adoption Council has held 558 meetings where they have determined 4984 applications of adoptive parents as suitable for the adoption of 6030 children.

We noted the serious achievement of our country to preserve the international adoption process active during the challenging period of the Covid-19 pandemic. We confirmed the hope that with our mutual efforts we will improve the process of inscribing the children in the registers and their preparation for adoption.

The Ministry of Justice specifically noted the fact that there are currently only 222 active registered dossiers of prospective adoptive parents in the traditional referral program. Due to this fact it was recommended that we continue encouraging our partners to recruit applicants for the Bulgarian adoption procedure and we inscribe them in the register.